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Small Groups

Small Groups

Small groups are an integral part of every church. Lake Ponte Community Church has had small groups since our inception. Not only to they facilitate intimacy and maturity inside the larger body, but through them, our Church’s 4 ministry visions (Connect, Grow, Serve, Go) are deepened and we’re better prepared to fulfill our LPCC overall mission: “To  make disciples by being disciples.

In our small group Connection with each other: ...we see and experience the true meaning of the “body of Christ" and how it should function. Thus, our personal concerns and prayers for each other and for the world will dramatically deepen.

In our small group Growth together in Christ: ...we learn to walk in dedicated obedience to God and our trust in Him will increase as we study His Word together and share its effects on our personal lives with each other. 

In our small group Service to one another: ...we develop a love for one another where understanding, discipline, forgiveness and discipleship will flourish and overflow into our life-testimony.

And in our small group Go to make disciples: ...we find like-minded partners we can lock arms with as co-laborers in our various ministries for the Lord and our overarching desire will be to Glorify our King.



Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship group is for those seeking one-on-one mentoring to grow deeper in their personal, individual walk with Christ. These groups are gender specific, connecting men with men and women with women.